Splash@UCLA, Winter 2017

Splash 2019 is happening on April 20th, 2019!

Teacher registration for Splash 2019 has been closed!

A big thanks to everyone who will be teaching at Splash! If your class has not been approved yet, check your inbox for any information requests. Manage your class here.

If you missed the deadline to teach but still want to get involved, or if you want to do more than teaching, help us run Splash by volunteering!

Make sure you have signed up for an account with us to teach! Scroll down for more information:

Basic information

If you are a UCLA student looking to teach high school students at Splash, you’ve come to the right place! As college students you probably have an interest you’ve been passionate about for a while and want to share with someone other than your family and friends. Through Splash, you’ll get to share it with high school students in a fun and relaxed environment.

What do I do?

On the day of the event, you will teach for just one hour (or more, of your choice) on any topic of your choice.

Due to the short event, you do not need to commit much time to prepare for it. There are no weekly meetings or checkups.

If you are worried about your teaching abilities, have no fear! We host training workshops to help each of you develop a lesson plan for the classes you will be teaching! We ask that you develop a simple lesson plan just to make sure you are prepared the day of the event. Remember, no teaching experience is required for this event, only passion and interest! We will work with you step by step if needed to help you.

What can I teach?

Anything. As long as it is age appropriate and does not require a large number of special instruments, you are free to teach it. We have seen all kinds of interesting subjects, from unicycle riding to quantum physics. If you have any specific questions regarding your topic, please contact us at splasheventatucla@gmail.com

Click here to see examples of classes taught in Splash@Stanford!

Live Scan and Youth Safety Training

As a teacher, you will have to attend a Youth Safety Training held by the Student Risk Education Committee. These are an a 90 minute trainings held once every two weeks by the Student Risk Education Committee. We will coordinate with you to get you signed up for one of these trainings.

You will also have to complete a LiveScan fingerprinting with UCPD. All you have have to do is go to the UCPD Station at 601 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095 and bring your livescan from (which we will provide), government identification and your finger.

Don’t worry! We will work with each of you closely to walk you through the process of the youth safety training and the livescan fingerprinting.

The day of the event

Please arrive at the event venue 20 minutes before your scheduled class. After checking in, a volunteer will guide you to your classroom and give you any supplies you need for the class. Enjoy teaching and after the event we will host an appreciation dinner for all our teachers!

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