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ANGELYNN NGUYEN, UCLA junior studying Microbiology & Politics

Major: MIMG and Poli Sci

College/Employer: UCLA

Year of Graduation: 2023

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Hi I'm Angelynn!! I love working with bacteria and debating various political topics. In my free time I like to sing, read, and spend time with friends. If you have any questions about research, college applications, or double majors don't hesitate to email me at angelynn@ucla.edu.

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H262: How to Ace your Way Through Writing Essays in Splash Spring 2022 (Apr. 23, 2022)
Have you ever been stumped by an essay prompt? Experience writing block? Confused with how to take your essay from the first to final draft? WELL NO WORRIES!! This class is a crash course to learn essay fundamentals in order to develop your writing skills.

S208: How to get into RESEARCH!!! in Splash Winter 2020 (Feb. 01, 2020)
Interested in doing research in high school or college??? Well... This is the class for you!! This course will guide you through how to get into STEM labs/internships, as well as what to expect from them. We will also be focusing on cold emails, reading literature, finding the right lab, and more!!

X210: wHaT iS cOlLeGe??? [Discussing the stereotypes around the college application process] in Splash Winter 2020 (Feb. 01, 2020)
In this class we will engage in a seminar with the goal of learning more about different perspectives on the college application system.