Information at a Glance

Day of Event April 22, 2023
Location UCLA
Registration Deadline April 8, 2023


You can help teachers and students find their way around campus, get lunch, check in, and other technical and logistical work to make Splash happen!

Volunteering is low time commitment—you decide how long and when you want to volunteer. Each shift is only 2 hours.


Volunteer training details are coming soon!


  1. Free lunch!
  2. And of course, the opportunity to give back to the community and help students explore.

Day-Of Information

Below is a tentative schedule for Splash 2023.

8am Check-in opens
9am Classes begin
12pm - 1pm Lunch
4pm Check-in closes
5pm Classes end


As always, for queries, please contact us at splasheventatucla@gmail.com for any questions!

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