Welcome to Splash@UCLA!

What Is Splash?

Splash@UCLA offers high-school students across the country a chance to take fun, innovative and exciting classes designed and taught by students, faculty, and alumni here at UCLA! We are advised by Learning Unlimited, who supports Splash chapters nationwide.

Taught over the course of a Saturday, Splash@UCLA offers students courses ranging from anything to everything—from artificial intelligence to nanotechnology, to poker, to public speaking, you'll find a plethora of cool topics across many subjects that you never even knew existed.

Most importantly, you get to decide what you want to learn! Students get full freedom in creating their schedule and picking the classes they like, over the course of the program.

There's something for everyone! So what are you waiting for? Join us now!

Scenes from Splash 2022

What's In It For You?

The success of Splash has always depended on the people involved, and there's always a good reason to be involved!

Students: An opportunity to learn whatever you like and engage with members of the UCLA community!

Teachers: Whether you're a student, alumni or faculty of UCLA, you'll get to teach anything that you find interesting! Hold an hour-long workshop, lecture or activity to share your passion!

Volunteers: A chance to get behind the scenes of Splash@UCLA's first ever academic outreach program. We're constantly on the look out for willing volunteers!

Also check out Splash events hosted by other universities.

Recent Website Updates

August 9, 2022: New photos have been added to reflect Splash 2022!