Splash is recruiting!

Splash@UCLA is dedicated to revealing the joy of teaching to university students and preserving the love of learning of high schoolers in the greater LA community by providing fun and accessible educational programming. The Splash initiative:


We also strive to reach students in underserved communities and open new avenues for higher education by providing informative courses on college admissions and financial aid, as well as "life in college" courses taught by current students from various backgrounds. 




We are always making efforts to establish a stable presence on UCLA campus and in our community. If you enjoyed your teaching experience at Splash in the past years, or if you think you can make it better, or if you want to be part of building a fun educational program from scratch, you should join our admin team! 


As an admin, you will get to:

- Lead hundreds of high school and college students

Last year, 453 local high schoolers attended a total of 132 classes taught by 52 UCLA students, alumni, and faculty.

- Be part of a nation-wide community of Splashers

Over 50 universities and schools across the US are hosting Splash programs. Meet other admins to further develop Splash or visit other chapters' programs!

- Learn the A-to-Z of organizing a large-scale event

On the weekend of Splash, we invite local high schoolers to the beautiful UCLA campus. Learn how to host a large event that spans across the whole campus!

- Be at the forefront of making education fun and accessible for everyone

Support UCLA students gain invaluable teaching and service experience while providing high school students a learning environment unique from their usual classroom experience.

- And, of course, teach anything you want, in any way you want!


We are looking for help with:

- reaching out to students in local high schools and underserved communities 

- organizing and supporting unique classes taught by UCLA students and faculty

- keep track of finances to make everything happen

- polish and manage our website


Here is the timeline for organizing Splash 2022:

We invite you to come join our community of teachers and learners at the cutting-edge of making a difference in education!


If you are interested in getting involved in organizing Splash Spring 2022, please fill out this form to let us know what you are interested in helping out with. We look forward to having you on our team!

Reach out to us at
splasheventatucla@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

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