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A49: One Minute Plays
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Anna Fox

Ever have hilarious/sad/interesting/embarrassing things happen to you that you think would make a good play? Ever overhear an outlandish conversation that you're dying to turn into dialogue? Have a wildly imaginative mind? Learn how to harness your powers and write a one minute play that you will read for the class.


A68: Introduction to Graphic Design
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Ingrid Channa

Come learn an introduction to Graphic Design! Learn the basic
elements of design such as typography, layouts, and colors,
in addition to the basics to navigate through editing software
like Photoshop and free software so you can pick up a skill that you can carry with you where ever you go in the future!

A69: As If!: The Evolution of Teen Film
Difficulty: **

Overview and analysis of the history of teen genre films through various clips and paratexts (promotional items, reviews, etc.), including but not limited to, American Graffiti (1973), The Breakfast Club (1985), Mean Girls (2004) and Lady Bird (2017). 50 min class.

1) an interest in film!

A71: Advocating Through Art
Difficulty: **

You may have heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” on Instagram or other social media platforms and wonder what someone’s personal story is behind that visual. Many artists use their work to create a change or movement about issues they see in their society. But you do not need to be a professional artist to make a difference or advocate for change. In this workshop, students will learn about what advocacy is and how to apply art through photos, videos, songs to advocate for change in their community. Students will learn that anyone can be an advocate and with creative tools can make a powerful impact in their community.

A74: Into to Hip-Hop: Beat Making and Lyric Writing
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Oscar Gutierrez

This workshop teaches the fundamentals of Hip-Hop. You will learn how to create your own songs, by making beats and writing lyrics to go with them.

Interest in Hip-Hop, drumming, or writing.

A76: Hip-Hop, Video Games, and Sampling: What Is Inspiration?
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Andrew Hean

Hip-hop and video games are huge childhood memories for many of us. Where does Super Mario cross paths with Drake? One place is on the plane of "sampling": using a portion of one song to, essentially, create another. Hip-hop beatmakers have found ways to create hits time and time again by creatively sampling other genres of music. This class will have a short introduction onto the history of sampling in hip-hop music (with notable video game music samples!) and also asks the question: Where does inspiration come from? More importantly, what exactly does all of this share with video games?

A80: Film Analysis and Critique
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Laney Chiu, Calvin Ha

This class will teach film analysis in a twofold way by examining scenes in a movie through a literary/figurative lens and through the technical/literal lens (heh). Come join us to unpack movie scenes so deeply you'll never be able to watch another movie the same way again!

A85: From Sketch to Screen: Costume Designing for Film
Difficulty: **

Examining films from past and present, students will learn the tools to design costumes for film and television. Students will be guided through the creative process, from learning about your character and genre to presenting and pitching your concept.

Humanities & Social Science

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H46: The Power of Accents
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Hannah Holden

Ever wondered how Hollywood actors can change their accent with the snap of their fingers? Or why certain accents sound so different than others? In The Power of Accents, with the help of some introductory phonetics, we will look at speech as a human faculty, and discover that what we say is just as important as how we say it.

H52: Medical Anthropology: De-Mystifying the White Coat
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Camille Marie Chan

This course offers an introduction to the growing field of medical anthropology, where we look at cultural and social perspectives of medicine and healthcare. How did Western society glorify the doctor's white coat? What are the cultural influences behind mental illness diagnoses? How is organ donation received in different parts of the world? Get ready to be de-mystified! Come with an open mind.

H55: How to be a Millionaire by the time you retire through the power of compound interest
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Mert Gulen

Will introduce the concept of compound interest and its potential power in setting up any high school student to become a millionaire by the time they retire. I will also touch on other aspects of financial and mental freedom and expand on the strategies necessary for a successful and fulfilled life ahead.

H57: Languages of the World
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Alexander Levine

Everybody talks, but no two people talk the same way! While this is true even of two people in the same city, this is even more true of someone in, say, Mexico City compared to someone in Seoul. In this class we will learn about the ways people talk all over, discussing the meaning of language and dialect and surveying the major languages of the world, where they are spoken, and what they sound like. This class is great for anyone interested in learning a new language, learning more about global diversity, or just anyone who thinks languages are cool!

H59: "Will Donald Trump get impeached?" A look at the first year of the Trump presidency
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Rupan Bharanidaran

A year has passed since Donald Trump defied the polls and won the presidency. This class will take a look at several events that have occurred in Trump's first year as president, including the travel ban, rescinding of DACA and the passage of the tax bill, and also address Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation into collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.

An interest in current events and politics

H61: U.S. Labor: Racism, Exploitation, and Capitalism
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Eunice Ho

U.S. history as we know it from our high school textbooks is not what it seems. In this class, we will be looking at the history of labor in the U.S. Who built this country? Who is allowed to stay here? And most importantly: why does it matter to us today anyways?

H67: Chinese culture
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Qian Gao

introduce some Chinese culture and food

H78: Russian Prison Tattoos
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Conor McDonald

Interested in the underground world of Russian and Soviet criminal culture? Interested in being able to read between the lines? This course will teach you how to identify the pasts and the crimes of Eastern European criminals and gang members based solely off the ink on their skin.

H88: What in the World is Anthropology?
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Jenarae Huber

"Anthropology is the perfect alliance of cultural studies and biological science" --The Hominid Rap

Most students don't hear about the amazing field that is Anthropology until they are already in college. This class will be a crash-course introduction into the discipline-- one you might remember when it comes time to pick a major on college apps! We'll look at some of the most interesting aspects of each of the four subfields: Cultural, Linguistic, Physical, and Archaeological!

H89: Life Skills, Building One's Value For Success
Difficulty: *

I will be teaching & life coaching on building one's value for success in the world. Building better relationships, cultural competency, etiquette, values, appreciation, value, & self-awareness, etc.


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L44: Lunch Period
Difficulty: None

Enjoy a break for lunch with your friends! Please register for at least one lunch period on each day of the program.

Math & Computer Science

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M87: Tips for Taking College Math Classes
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Allison Wong

Taking a math class in college can be a surprisingly difficult experience, even for students who excel in math in high school. In my experience, this comes from the fact that students expect classes to be like in high school - that is, you just have to study the notes and do the homework and you should be fine - when in reality, there are a lot of hidden expectations for students that you might never be told. The aim of this class is to share what I've learned about being a math student at UCLA (although I cannot promise that any of this stuff is new or would be helpful to those who do not learn like me) so that others can learn from my mistakes and succeed.

M50: The Euler Line
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Yi Zu Tan

What is the center of a triangle? How would you define such a center? Are there other possible centers of a triangle? Which is the real center of a triangle? Come and explore these questions in the spirit of fun as we get our hands (not so) dirty in understanding the mysteries of the triangle. We will also dabble in a little bit of the idea of mathematical (in this case geometrical) proofs.

Basic Geometry, Similarity and Congruence of Triangles


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S63: Looking through the Lens of the Mind's Eye: The Science of Imagination
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Zoe Lee

Imagine- a sunset; the Star Wars theme song; the smell of roasted chicken; the texture of fresh tomato on your tongue. Did you feel like you ‘saw’ a sunset before your eyes? ‘Heard’ the melody of the Star Wars theme song, and ‘smelled’ roasted chicken? Better yet, are you hearing a voice reading these words?

Though your ability to create these inner images or voices may feel obvious to you, everyone's mind's eye is exhibited on a very wide spectrum: from people who thought “counting sheep” was just a metaphoric phrase or had never had “a song stuck in their head,” to those who see colors while reading letters or listening to music.

In this course, we will explore the scientific and philosophical realms of your mind's eye (and ears, nose, tongue, and fingers) through some curious cases at the extreme ends of the spectrum, and discuss what they teach us about the mind's I (our consciousness).

An interest in the mind and brain! :)

S65: Botanical Discoveries and Exploration Full!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Angela Chen

Just what's so fascinating about plants?
Do they feel pain? Can they get cancer? This course will introduce you to some of the many impressive feats that plants are capable of as well as foster an appreciation for how we use--and are used by--them.

An interest in science and a taste for snacks!

S66: Debate: Designer Babies
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Rushna Raza

The age of genetically-engineered superhumans is among us, and the technology to create disease-free babies with Einsteinian IQ is on the rise. What does this mean for the future of medicine, evolution, and politics? This unique course takes an interdisciplinary approach in addressing the biological and social consequences of gene editing. We will explore this controversial topic by asking, “Is there a moral obligation to cure disease?”, “Will this create a competitive society?” and “Where do we draw the line?”. Following discussion, students will formulate pro/con opinions on ethics and advancement, then defend ideas in a group debate.

S70: Amazing facts about human body
Difficulty: **
Teachers: marina yassa

The human body is fascinating with a lot of mind blowing facts. The human body is super organized, specialized, and works professionally.
In this course, we will discuss how amazing the human, and address mind blowing facts about it. Also, we will address how some organs work and how the human body can adapt to different conditions. This will be accompanied with fun illustrations and experiments.

S75: Wacky Biology: The Science of "Bizarre" Animals
Difficulty: *

Everyone has seen the videos of those people who can drink milk and shoot it out of their eye. However, what if there were even cooler things animals could do? From lighting up to shooting acid, from surviving in volcanoes to literally being able to come back to life after floating in space, one thing is certain: our planet Earth is full of life that seems hard to believe exists. This short course will go over some of the most unbelievable skills and traits of animals and small organisms on our home planet that have been discovered and, along the way, will show some easy-to-understand concepts in Biology. Whether you love science or not, this class will leave you wanting to see more of these organisms.

S79: Love is in the Lab
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Jacqueline Do

Have you ever wondered if there is a formula to love? Can two people fall in love after a 36-question experiment? Aron’s study, the Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness, as sparked some interest- love interests. In this workshop, we’ll explore the biology behind love and friendship, and dive deep into the how we can harness social closeness to become more comfortable with ourselves and others. We’ll also demystify common misconceptions of falling in love and analyze the generalizations of Aron’s study. Our discussion looks at many forms of love and compassion including romantic love, be-friending love, and the empathetic self-love that combats self-criticism. Students will leave class with a conceptual toolkit of how to develop social closeness and a greater capacity to love. Whether you want more love in your life or not, this workshop is a wonderful way to develop your interpersonal skills. Feel free to laugh at or love this workshop! Those are ultimately life’s greatest gifts- love and laughter.

The capacity to laugh and/or love

S82: Laser Cooling and How to use it to Make Your Own Quantum Computer
Difficulty: ***
Teachers: Scarlett Yu

Introduction to laser cooling - a very powerful and widely-applied tool used in many science experiments, especially in quantum optics physics experiments. Particularly, we will be exploring how to such a tool can enable to build a quantum computer.

-1 year Physics (Knowing the basics of light - which is made of photons and has frequency/wavelength. Having learned electric/magnetic fields). -Some basic probability - eg. Total possible number of outcomes if you flip 5 coins? -Recommended: Having exposure to atomic structure.


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X47: Storytelling in Interactive Media
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Xiang Wen Kuan

From books and theatre, to audio and film, the art of storytelling has evolved together with our technologies and new forms of media. For our generation, our new form of media is Video Games.

Go beyond gameplay and learn how Video Games are able to tell stories in a way that no other medium can!

X48: Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Hannah Holden

Do you like war movies? Do you have any interest in the military or the field of medicine? Tactical Combat Casualty Care is the US Army's doctrine for treating soldiers in the field. In this class you will learn hands on how to care under fire, apply a tourniquet, and treat a sucking chest wound. Hacksaw Ridge couldn't teach you that one!

X62: Personal Branding & Networking 101
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Si Hua Deng

Ever wondered what a elevator pitch was, or what you're supposed to do at a networking event? Trust me, these questions ran through my head all the time when I first started to go out to any type of event, whether it was a social or networking one. In this short introductory workshop, I'll teach some tips and tricks to help you be more comfortable in these types of environment.

X64: What's On Your Mind? Exploring the World of Cognitive Distortions
Difficulty: **

Mental health is quickly becoming a common topic of conversation, especially in academic settings like schools and colleges. How do you talk about mental health? How can you learn, grow, and challenge negative self-talk and self-image? Cognitive distortions are lenses through which we view the world - being able to recognize and identify these distortions can be a major key to understanding mental health better and find ways to self-care. This class is an introduction to mental health and cognitive distortions, and aims to provide concepts and tools to help with daily stressors.

X73: Organizing for Social Change
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Eunice Ho

The world is shaped by racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, and all other sorts of oppressive structures. What do we do about it? This class will be an immersive introductory training session for students who are or want to be social justice activists and community organizers. Prepare to brainstorm, roleplay, work together, and debrief.

X81: Law of Attraction: How to Cultivate Self Love and Build Confidence
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Esmeralda Garcia

You have to love yourself before you can love your life. To be of service to others, you must first be of service to yourself.

This workshop will help you: Understand your self worth, give you tips on how to practice self love, and overall build your confidence.

All realities begin in the mind: your beliefs become thoughts, thoughts become words, words become actions, and actions become reality. As you take action towards your dream, the universe will conspire to help you achieve it.

X53: Squirrel Feeding 101: Introduction to Feeding Squirrels
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Willy Teav

Do you appreciate the intelligent, acrobatic, and cute creature known as the squirrel? Do you want to enhance your relationships with the friendly neighborhood squirrels? If so, you are welcome to enroll in this class!

I plan to teach students about squirrel behavior and how to feed squirrels using presentation slides.
(There will not be any actual feeding of squirrels)